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Bar ¡Mucho! in Pinoso, Alicante is for sale. A well-run bar in a prosperous village, is ready for its new owners! What are you waiting for?



Are you looking for a hospitality business in Spain? Then look no further!

In the picturesque village of Pinoso, Alicante, typical for the inland of Spain, both locals and foreigners are very active. The streets are crowded, the terraces are full and the markets are busy. The landscape is typical for the region: rolling hills, pine trees and a mix of fruit trees and vines. 

The bar is strategically located a few kilometres from a prosperous village. The village centre can be reached by bike or on foot via a quiet road.

the stunning interior of alicante

About bar ¡mucho!

A beautiful historic building between almonds, olives and vines, great views and within cycling distance of a prosperous village

The plot of 5886m2 is completely free and fenced. In the middle of the plot you will find a rustic and characteristic building. Only the outer walls still reveal that the building is over 200 years old – otherwise it has been completely restored.

The bar (fully licensed) is the only one in the immediate vicinity with a large outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of the valley. The front terrace has 80 seats and the side terrace increases the capacity by 25 seats. The inside of the building consists of the bar area of 11m2 and a sitting/restaurant area of about 40m2 (25 spacious seats). You will also find a neat industrial kitchen of about 19m2.

We have invested heavily in setting up this business. A completely renovated building, a well-equipped kitchen, all new fridges and freezers, a stunning pergola, solar panels, a huge parking lot – it’s all ready to go!

Why our clients love us

Bar ¡MUCHO! is so popular because we do things differently. We have paid lots of attention to detail and to the ambience of the bar.

The food is different than what you can get in the wide surroundings, the wines are local and high quality and we have lots of artesan beers available, from both the region and the whole of Europe!

People value our excellent, multi-lingual service, fresh food and the ambience we have created. 

  • Spanish Clientele – 70%
  • British Clientele 20%
  • Dutch, Belgian and Others – 10%

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 Why are you moving on?


This is a question we are getting a lot. Business is good, the pandemic is finally on its return, we have built a solid client base, we have invested a lot

– why are you stopping? –

The answer is simple – our family.

We have moved to Spain to have more time for each other and spend lots of quality time together. This is what we want to do again.

Starting this bar has been the adventure of a lifetime and we have learned so much.

But we have discovered that we are people that love projects. Make something out of nothing, and then move on to the next thing.

So we are ready for the next step. We are staying in Spain, and maybe even Pinoso. But we are looking forward to handing Bar ¡Mucho! over to someone who can take it further.

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The “all-in deal”

the business


Real estate




The full property

100+ seats

45 cars parking

all licenses available

Ready to start

Fully equipped kitchen

New fridges and freezers

Brand new interior and pergola

A complete bar

Own security system

Music installation

Brand new solar panel installation

The “Traspaso”

One-off payment


Monthly Rent


Worry free

Rent including

Monthly gardener 

Energy from solar panels


Trained staff

9 staff

3 nationalities

Experienced & multilingual

Much potential

Music nights